Monday, 17 May 2010

Naughty Bench

Jem smacking a bench for being naughty after Niall hit his head on it.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Jem locked in a table!


Forgot to post this a while ago, we were at a cafe and Jem got himself trapped in the table!
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Sunday, 13 September 2009

My polaroid addiction!

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Guess who had a haircut!


Well, Niall's looking all grown up with his new haircut, Jembo's looking all Jemboish without a haircut!
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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Whoops - here are the photos!

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Birthday parties!

Jem had a few celebrations to mark his first year passing.
We began with a 'party' at daycare which was basically a cake and Caramello Koalas for the kids. You can tell by the photo, he wasn't impressed.
Attempt 2 was fish and chips at Bribie Island, the third was with Mick's family, the fourth was with my dad and Robyn and Scott at Shorncliffe and wrapped up with a party at the park with our family and friends.
I have also included a photo of Jem with his little (yet big) cousin Sebastien and Sam and all the cousins with Fraser.
This should bring everyone up to date - is there anything I forgot? I will try to update more regularly in future!
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Jem's update

Well, the little man is now one and a little bit.
He has had his share of illness this year. He was classed as "failure to thrive" which was a worry, it's usually linked to neglect but the doctor assured me he thought Jem's case was medical! He basically had chest infections, ear infections and lactose intolerance most of his life and has spent about half his life on antibiotics and was often grumpy.
I began giving him positive affirmations in his sleep as advised by my hippy friend and saw good results; within a week I'd say he was a happier more pleasant boy so it's worth a try when all else fails! I've even had comments about him being a lovely baby (much nicer than strangers asking if he's hungry or needs a dummy!)He still has his moments but he's a pretty gorgeous boy and loves running up for a hug.
He was standing and 'cruising' really early (6 months) but only started walking for real at 11 months.
He has been eating normal food for ages because he was weaned at about 3 months (advised by doctor for his reflux/weight gain). Despite his small stature he has always loved food but seems indifferent to all milk (lactose free) varieties. Maybe has a cup of milk a day? Can take it or leave it.
I really wish he'd loved the dummy but probably because he was sick, he never seemed to need it (although it would have made my life quieter). I ditched it completely without noticing any difference a while ago. Same with the bottle. He drinks from a spout cup or poppa.
I went about 5 months with 3 hours of broken sleep each night but thank Allah he sleeps through and has for a while! (Maybe I've learnt to sleep through?)
He has an awesome wardrobe (says me). My addiction to ridiculous designer kids' wear continues. He has more clothes than me but tends to live in 'old daycare' stuff. SIGH again.
Doesn't enjoy tv as much as the big guy. Loves to dance as much as the next person but is happy doing his own thing.
Next mission, starting in September school holidays: toilet training. See if he can beat Niall's 18 months... (I realise it will be pushed back to the Xmas holidays, just psyching myself up).
His first tooth poked through just after he turned one and there's another nearly out.
In summary; he tried to break me but I won in the end!
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They have a blog??

Where You Come From......

The wee man has been around for.....